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Default Problem using TimeZone LocalTimeStamp

Hi there,

I have got a problem here. I am working with classic aps web application. This application is being used accross various timezones. Now I am facing problem when I trid to implement the TimeZone provided by oracle 9.1.

above is the query to setting up local timezone for a particular session

           "ALTER SESSION SET TIME_ZONE = '00:00"

This query is executed through a connection object of Adodb.Connection

Now What I expect it to do is, it should manupulate time accordingly while inserting.

if say the server runs on TimeZone '-05:00' then it should add 5 hours when I fire following query


if say time at server is 10:00Hrs it should insert 15:00Hrs.
where as it picks up my own computer's time i.e. 21:30Hrs.

When I fire same queries from Oralce Client, works fine!

These all queries are fired against Oracle Database from Classic ASP using ADODB.Connection.Execute method.

Any suggestion?

Vinod Pawar
Vinod Pawar
United States