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Default Array woes

I'm a newbie, working with php4.

I'm passing arrays from a form: a series of variables with the same
name like: Child[] and Age[]

I'm capturing them with:
        $Child[] = array($_POST['Child[]']);
        $Age[] = array($_POST['Age[]']) ;

then, I'm using:

$Count=0 ;
echo "<h3>Registering $numChildren Children</h3>" ;
                echo "<p>$Child[$Count], Age $Age[$Count], $Gender[$Count]<p>" ;
                echo "<p>Info: " . $Info[$Count] . "<p>" ;
                $CheckEmpty = "$Child[$Count]" ;
                $Count="$Count+1" ;

} while ($CheckEmpty!="") ;

if ($Count==1) echo "Not Applicable" ;
However, I get this result on the page: (for 2 entries):

Array, Age Array, Array
Info: Array

, Age ,

In other words: the first set of values are replaced with "Array"

And the second set of values don't show up.
I also tried it with three sets, and the third set didn't register at all
Help? Thanks!

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