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Default E-SSO configuration using ssomanage utility

Hi All,

I'm trying to implement a requirement in one of my project. We have a Framework developed in C# which integrates various apps and presents an unified view of all the apps to the user.

The requirement that I'm working for is that I need to implement Ent Single Sign-On (part of BizTalk Server 2004) so that a user can shift from one app to another without having to login to each app. That is user needs to bypass the login page of each app. The applications can be a web app, or a windows app or any other app developed either in .NET or any other technology like Java, Oracle, etc.

Now the problem I'm facing is that I'm not able to configure the application in the SSO and map the user credentials accordingly. I basically need a step-by-step guide to configuring the apps and associated user credentials in SSO. Also I need to know the details of the XML files for Affiliated apps and User Mappings which are passed as parameters to ssomanage utility.

Can somebody help me out with this as this is very urgent and I'm stuck badly??

Thanks in advance.