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Default CreateObject Type mismatch error

Hi all,

We have one web application running on intranet.It uses VB6 component for business logic. Database is SQL.The application is used by about 400 to 500 users.we use CreateObject method to create objects of number of classes from the VB6 dll. whenever number of user's increases it gives "Type mismatch" error for CreateObject method. Here is the sample of the same method we are using,
 Server.CreateObject(Cstr(strComponentName) & ".clsLogin")
strComponentName is the component used.

This comes randomly for any line where CreateObject method is used.
Surprisingly the error gets over after refreshing the page.
It is really problematic to trace the error as it is not consistent.
Kindly let me know any thought on the above'll be helpful.

Thnx in advance!


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