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Default URGENT Problems in Access 2000

Hi there
Can someone give me some URGENT advice? I have written a database in Access 2003, which for some of the users is used in Access 2000. For these users, I have converted it to 2000 format, but am experiencing some problems. One situation in particular is a form (Bookings) which has a sub form (SalesInput) which in turn has another sub form (SalesSub) . On the Form SalesInput, I have a command button (Command34) which when clicked updates the data in the SalesSub form. In 2003, I use the following code very successfully.

Private Sub Command34_Click()
Dim strMsg As String

DoCmd.SetWarnings False

If IsNull(Me!InvNo) Then
    Label35.Visible = True

    Label35.Visible = False
    DoCmd.GoToControl "SalesSub"
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "InvoiceAppend"
End If
End Sub

However in 2000, it gives me an error on the “DoCmd.Requery” line. Is there a different syntax I should use for 2000?
Thanks to anyone who can help

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