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Default Entering Multiple Parameters in a Paramter Query

I have a Microsoft ACCESS table that has over 15,000 records. I need for the user to enter multiple paramters in a query to pull all of the records for types entered in one parameter msg box. For example, When a macro button is pushed to run the paramter query, a MSG box will appear asking the user to PLease Enter License Types. The user would enter say, 10,11,30,31,32,60, 70 and 80 for example. I would want Access to pull all of the records for all of these types.

ANother question along this line with this same file. I have Issue Dates in this file coming in as a Mainframe Text File. The dates appear with 11006, 21006, 12506. The leading zero is chopped off. I want to add this zero back to have 011006, 021006, and 012506. I have 15,000 records to do this on, is there a script that will do this in an Update Query?

Joel Carmack
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