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Default Ch 16 Try It Out doesn' t work + Fixes

On page 619 the Try It Out, as coded in the book is both
in error and is a little unclear as follows.

1. The error is that all the code specified in Line 4 should be omitted
 -- at least I found that to be so.

It would not compile at all, and the error text said the provider had
been specified already. Once the code block was removed it compiled.

2. On page 620, Line 6 should point to the Event Viewer --
at least for me and I'm using XP SP2. Then it should say that assuming
your Application Log hasn't already been filled up and assuming that
you are recording events, then select the most recent entry in the
Application panel. Right click it and select Properties. Then, you
will see something similar to Figure 16-13.