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Default you are a doctor

i would like to say a big thanx to Imar. You are a Doctor :D .

i have spent a day to find out what was the problem, and i could not figure it out. I know that you have to add a where clause, but when things get to loaded you just don't know what's happening

for the interest of the readers, the problem with the code posted above is that there was no 'Where' clause in the 'finddept' function. if anyone interested to know how to search a data grid, copy the code in the first post and add in the under the function 'findDept' the following code:

Dim queryString As String = "SELECT * from department where depaManagerName = @depaManagerName"

and remove the following line:
Dim queryString As String = "SELECT * from department"

enjoy it and thanks very much Imar you were very helpful.