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Default Problem with xml and layers in different Browser.

Hello Firends,

I am having a strange problem with XML parsing.

I am trying to make it browser independent, but its not working due to some strange reason.

In IE its working perfectly. But having some problem with other browsers.

Let me explain the situation.

I have a master XMl file which contains category and subcategory. In my browser I have 2 layer. which is dividing my browser vertically like 2 table cell.

In the left layer I have different category which when clicked opens like tree structure showing subcategory.

Clicking on the subcategory shows different questions on the right layer. these questions are also coming from the master xml file.

Upto this its fine with all browser.

But there is a problem after this with Firefox and Netscape. when clicked on the questions on the right panel answers are supposed to open in a new layer at the center of the screen. In IE is opening properly but with others its opening a blank layer. Now if i move my layer slightly with mouse (as small as 1 px in any direction) the layer gets populated with result answers.

Can anyone please give me a hint to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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