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Default insert multiple records into a table from values

Hi All,

I've quite a strange requirement to insert multiple records into a table.
I have some numbers say 14,32,3,5,7,811,43,45 which i want be inserted into a table T1 with one column N1

but i want all these values to be inserted as different records records in one go without using any looping .

I know this can be done using the INSERT ... SELECT ... Statements.
or slightly different way.

But not sure on how exactly it can be done.

On a slightly different requirement I want a way to get these values in the form of records without using any table.

I mean i need a select statement on the values 1,3,65,22,65,77,33

something like Select * from (1,3,65,22,65,77,33)

and the result be displayed in the form

(No Column Name)

Is it possible.

I know some experts out there can help me do these things.

I will appreciate any help on this

Deepak Chauhan