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Default error using XML save method in javascript

Greetings all,

I'm having a bit of a problem with the save method and I'm not sure how to fix it.

I have a javascript function in which I change some attributes of the XML and then save it to an xml file. In the script I save the output file name "sponsors.xml" to a variable "newXMLFile". At the end of the script I used the line "alert(xmlSrc.xml)" to see that my XML has been revised (this is for debugging only) and then use the line "". When I load it, I get a "permission denied" and a reference to the save method line. All of this is on the local machine and there are no permission restrictions on any files or folders I am dealing with. I am almost finished this project except for this problem and have wasted countless hours trying different things and scouring the web for help. If anyone out there can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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