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Default Making a COM object in VB.NET

I made a COM object in VB.NET that is called from external application
checked "register for COM interoperability" in the build properties,
and when I start external application that calls my .dll
(throught "start external program" in configuration properties)
by compiling my .dll it all works fine.


When I explicitly start that application it fails to load my .dll
because it is not a self-registering COM object.
.NET does not make self-registering COM dll's,
when you check "register for COM interoperability" visual studio
does the registration but does not put code for DLLRegisterServer
in .dll

So basically I need a way to make a wrapper self-registering .dll
around my .NET dll

I also can't escape the feeling that there should be an option in Visual Studio for this (althought clearly there is not)

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