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Default OTHER: Pass query result to a Form

Hi, i make a code fully based on this this topic: It call and execute a .bat file, afther that it should run an sql query, pass the result as a variable and print it in the MsgBox myY, but it doesnt do it... what im missing?

Private Sub CmdRMSfile_Click()

Dim strCmd As String
Dim ds As Database
Dim dds As Recordset
Dim myY
Dim k As DAO.QueryDef

strCmd = """C:\xml2odbc\po.bat"""
Shell strCmd

Set ds = OpenDatabase("C:\OM-TEST\StoneEdge\SEOrdMan2002.mdb")
k = "select MAX(OrderNumber) from [Orders];"
Set dds = ds.OpenRecordset(k)
myY = dds!kk
MsgBox myY

End Sub
thanks in advance
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