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Default Chapter 11 Code Problems

I've downloaded the examples file (3/31/2006), I've also downloaded and installed Pubs.mdf.

The method GetAuthorSqlReader does not appear to exist, I can add it, however the errors won't allow me to build the project.

When I load the examples solution file there are 9 errors, as a result I can't Build the project. The 1st error is "Type 'SqlRecord' is not defined." This error is repeated several times along with others.

Have I set something up wrong in Visual Studio, or am I missing part of the code somehow?

OK I found some information on MSDN that says that the sqlRecord type
has been removed from vb 2005.

So what do I do to fix the following line of code:
Public Function ExecSpReturnRecord(ByVal spName As String, _
                                         ByVal paramValues As IDictionary) As SqlRecord

It looks like this code was written for and would work with the early beta version of VB 2005, but not with the release version.