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Default Listlevel help


I got this script from a "convert Word2Wiki" topic. Basically, it inserts '#' a number of times based on listlevel in the beginning of every list paragraph.

Private Sub ConvertLists()
   Dim para As Paragraph
    For Each para In ActiveDocument.ListParagraphs
        With para.Range
            .InsertBefore " "
            For i = 1 To .ListFormat.ListLevelNumber
                If .ListFormat.ListType = wdListBullet Then
                    .InsertBefore "*"
                    .InsertBefore "#"
                    Selection.ParagraphFormat.OutlineLevel = Selection.Range.ListFormat.ListLevelNumber

                End If
            Next i
        End With
    Next para
End Sub

I dont really understand the steps in the procedure, but.. how do we:

Also enclose each list paragraph with a '#' in the end?
And/or give it a different style based on listlevel instead of it being a list.
I hope this isn't much of a trouble. Much of my prob is where to input changes in the script.

Thank you!

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