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Default sql reporting 2005 - output / rendering report

 Hopefully the Reporting Guru's out there can shed some light on this problem. I have created a 1/2 dozen reports and currently have links to them on an asp page, now I have been asked if it is possible to take the grand total for each report and put it on the page with all the reports.

Report 1 - $12,234
Report 2 - $192,289
Report 3 - ($150,000)
Report 4 - $75,142

(It makes sense as a user could easily see which reports have changed w/o having to open each of them up)

I thought that if I could either get all of the report info or just a few select details (ie the grand total) passed back to the webpage in XML it might be possible to do this. What I've read so far, reports can read and write to an XML file, but I dont know how to stream the data to a webpage that can work with the info.

I would rather not write the data to an XML file and read that in because then I would have to schedule the file to be updated on a regular basis etc. Sending a parameter to the report to signal that it should return the XML is fine, but how to execute the report through code is another thing I am unsure of.