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Default Can't see my data

OK, this is driving me crazy!:( I've created a DW MX 2004 (Windows XP Pro, SP2) page with some fields selected from a recordset I've created from an Access 2003 database. All of this looks OK and I can see everything as expected in Application > Databases. I can also see my data in the View Data option. But, when I Save the page and then go to Preview in Browser, I can't see my data. Everything else is there, ie the page static text, but my data is missing in action. I've checked the security settings on just about my whole computer to make sure that IUSR_machinename is authorised to the folders and database (and it's folder) but nothing . . . I've been trying to fix this for the best part of two weeks (in my spare time!) and am now totally out of ideas. I've also looked through this forum to page 16 and can't see this problem mentioned, which makes me think it must be something pretty stupid:( If anyone has any ideas, I'd be really grateful.

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