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Default About Dataset

Dear Expert,

The book I bought is Chinese version, so the page in which I have problems is not matched the English version. I just can say that the page is in the Chapter 10.3 Visual Studio and Data Access (this is my interpretation from Chinese to English). In this chapter I learned how to use Dataset as a control to manipulate the data.

What is my problem? When I used this way to manipulate the data (C# and Microsoft SQL Server), I found I cannot control the object – “sqlConnection”. That means I cannot use “sqlConnection.close” to close the connection between my application and Microsoft SQL Server. I try to find the code of “”, but I did not find anything about the action of this object. In SQL Server I found once I run my application that uses this object to manipulate the data, the connection will not disconnect until the application is shut down even if I explicitly use the code – “ sqlconnection.close”. So what is the principle of this kind of objects, can I control them?