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Default Protect Document Limitations

I need to retain the ability to lock documents, but need to limit the password to the current users network password.

Employees have need to lock documents, but when they leave employment, we may no longer have access to corporate documents. But, if we allow them to lock documents, but only use their own password, then we can open up documents after terminations. We could assign each employee a special password to use with Word, but that would reaquire ongoing maintenance with hiring and terminations, so would prefer to use existing network passwords. Passwords are stored in an Access database and could be looked up from there.

Looking for code that does the following:
Allows them to select Tools/Protect Document, but will only allow them to enter their current network password (or a special Word password for them). If password entered does not match, then locking document will not be allowed.

Word97 on Win95 and Win98 workstations.
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