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Default Split up table across pages

I have a HTML table in ASP which displays varied results each time its generated. At times it displays over 20 rows, over 50 or even 5. Each row has a series of drop downs or fields to make selections and enter values.
My Problem: I need to make the table such that it displays 5 of these rows at a time, with a 'Next' button below it, which takes you to the next page with 5 more and so on.
So if I have 50 of these rows, it should take me through 10 pages.
So my problem is simple, I have the table already being generated, I just need to split it up every 5 rows and generate pages with those 5 rows and so on.
Of course the selections need to be saved on every page, I already have a 'Save' button working for the whole table at the moment, so the user is supposed to click on 'save' and then 'Next' to move forward.