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Default error while compiling servlet in Weblogic8.1


i am facing problem while compiling a servlet.
i have a folder of "bea" in C drive and i created a new folder called "Project" in the same drive .in bea there is also a folder jdk142_08.
under project i created a servlet called "sample" and parallel to that a folder "WEB-INF" .under "WEB-INF" a folder called "classes" and parallel to that web.xml.

now to compile this servlet in cmd prompt i ws at this location
C:\> cd Project
after which i gave the classpath as
C:\Project>set classpath = c:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.jar;.;c:\bea \weblogic81\workshop\lib\tools.jar;

and also one more classpath as
and finally
C:\Project>javac -d
which does not give me an error and shows
which means the sample is compiled , but when i check the Project folder there is no class file for sample. there is only the source file.

pls help i cant figure it out whats happening.


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