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Default Data collection form prob.

I have setup a connection from a html form to a database table (mysql).

Table setup with the following sql statement:

CREATE TABLE Brochure_Request (Requester_ID INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, ****_checkbox ENUM('Y','N') DEFAULT 'N', *****_checkbox ENUM('Y','N') DEFAULT 'N', First_name VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, Last_name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, Address VARCHAR(50), Phone_no INT NOT NULL, Email VARCHAR(20));


First_name (textfield - singleline)
Last_name (textfield - singleline)
Address (textfield - multiline)
Phone_no (integer)
Email (textfield - singleline)

Using the Dreamweaver interface, selected insert records under database - selected the Brochure_Request table from the list, matched each field with the equivalent form field - click ok and that should be it.

On submit, the fields are validated to make sure their all filled out and with the right data type.

However, on testing it, no data is dropping in to the table??

Any ideas as to what might be going on here?

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