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Default Booking program.

I'm currently doing a project that involves createing a booking database for a hall. Its almost completed but i've hit a wall.

Each day is split into 3 booking parts, morning, afternoon and evening. Some of these days are reserved for groups and need to be 'blocked' to prevent double booking. I was hopeing to intergrate the 'calendar control 9.0' but so far, frankly, i'm clueless. Unless there is another option where i can display a similer way in a form where its user friendly to just select a day, slot and continue a booking i'm very much open to suggestion. Furthermore if this can be displayed in a report or simply printed out from the form showing all bookings for a week would also be awsome.

I would normaly talk to my tutor about this, however he is on long term illness and the replacement teachers have no clue as my college is quite small (uk).

I know its a lot to ask but this is my last resort. If anyone is willing to help, any information your wish to share, please explain it aswell, due to the fact i'm a student and only have just started I would like to fully understand so i am able to do it with clear knowlage in future.


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