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Default Url Sub domains

Hi from Newbie,

 For my project, I want to create a website called where users can create their own photo
 gallery and have a unique url that points to it.


 Sarah wants to create her own web photo gallery, so she fills
 out an register form typically like hotmail or blogger form.
 She is then asked to type a url that she would like the
 gallery to be associated to.
 She types:
 (Similar to blogger urls)

 If the url name is available she is assigned it, else she has
 to choose another.

 Is it possible for users to create their own specific urls/
 subdomain , if so what is the best way to tackle it?

 At the moment, I would need host my domain on someone's
 else's server, I am looking at using .Net technologies so I
 guess I would be looking for an IIS Server I would look at
 setting up my own server but that may be a last resort due to
 financial constraints.

 I am thinking very much in line with what do.

 Thanks in advance.