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Default database problem

I am preparing the Help Ticket for each an every Asset in my Application.

1) I wish to relate the HelpTicket with the S/W Asset but there are
multiple S/w license present with a S/W Asset..i.e, they have
1-Many relationship
2) Each pair of S/W License and S/W Product is considered an Asset
so i need to store some composite id for that to Uniquely
Identify it.

Consider my table,
Software ---Similarly all Type of Assets Like H/W...
Productid [PK]

ticketid [FK]
assetCategoryID [FK] ----Type Of Asset Like S/W
Typeid [FK] ----SubType of Asset Like for S/W it can be
System program,
Application program
Productid [FK] ----Particular AssetId as SoftwareProdID

1) I can create an extra field in HelpTicket_RelatedAsset as
Licenseid , which will be empty for other Assets
2) I create an unique assetid which is not there and will be
require modify the existing code for H/W and Peripherals (In the
Sense create an assetID whenever an Asset is added to the

Is There Any other Way out.........Any Sugggestion would be HelpFull
Txs for reading....

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