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Default remoting

Hi im trying to create a point of sale system- at least 30 widely distributed point of sale systems- networked application using believe my solution requires the use of remoting. I think i could use the client server blueprint in the apress book building a client server system in to build a business intranet.
My solution is this ,use remoting to capture data from each point of sale system .send data from each sale to a central SQL server OLTP database. archive old OLTP data in a OLAP database. query the OLAP database with MS Access and display results using MS excel.
Ill call MS Access 2003 via a secure intranet...( a la building client server system in .. (I know that I can call access via system.diagnostics.process class. ) only authenticated company managers can access OLAP or OLTP database.
Ms Access will be called via a menu of specific query types this menu
will be expanded or reduced as warranted and query results displayed
via Ms excel 2003 since company managers are familiar with Ms excel
Does this solution make sense?:)
Most important question. How do i get data from the point of sale system to the OLTP database. what classes must i use. i only know that i need to use remoting. how do i enable message queueing to ensure sales data is not lost Thanks

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