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Default Need a SSIS Survival Guide...

After going through the book and attempting to adapt it to my everyday use of SSIS I have come to realize that the book does not offer insight into trouble shooting and getting solutions fast.

For example, when converting a SQL Server 2000 DTS package to a SSIS package. After converting it successfully, you try to run the package manually in the SSIS environment it will run to success. When you schedule the package in a Job the package fails due to invalid login. So I had to hunt and hunt and referenced the book several times... but no information on how to resolve this issue. I discovered on my own that you need to create a XML Configuration File from the Package Configuration Wizard and pass the username and password to it.

I think it would be great to have a "survival guide" sort of speak so that we can reference issues like this really quick and get the solution we need. The example I gave above is just one example.

The book is great in helping with the "learning curve" and giving good solid background information.

I would be interested in knowing how other people found this book useful in troubleshooting.


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