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Default Error but it works

I have a page that is generating the following errror and I can't figure out why, especially when I use the same code on another page (but different database) and it does not generate the error, but when I change the database reference i get it:
Warning: mysql_list_fields(): Unable to save MySQL query result in /usr/www/users/xyz/abc/123/list.php on line 9
But it does work, the only thing it does is populate a dropdown list and that works.

Here is the code:

$connection = mysql_pconnect("x", "y", "z"); 

$fields = mysql_list_fields("A", "B", $connection);


<form method="post" action="show_list.php">
<p align="center">
<select name="searchteam">

$query = mysql_query('select username from onmylist_user order by username') or die
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) {
           echo("<option value=\"${row['username']}\">${row['username']}\n");


<input type=submit value="Show A Persons People On My List">


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