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Default Parsing an html file

How could I parse an html file that follows a pattern identical to this:
<b>Random Company Name</b><br>
Client ID: 12-23-111<br>
Processing Location: ftlauderdale, &lt;<a href="">mlewis@mycompan</a>&gt;<br>
 &lt;<a href="">lrivera@mycomp</a>&gt;<br>
Stuart, FL 34992<br>
Contact Name: Dorothy/George Johnson<br>
Contact Phone: 555 555-5555<br>
Client Original Call In Date: 05/31/06<br>
Client Original Period Begin Date: 05/24/06<br>
Client Orginal Period End Date: 05/30/06<br>
Client Orginal Check Date: 06/02/06<br>
Client Orginal Delivery Date: 06/02/06<br>
Client New Call In Date: 06/05/06<br>
Client New Period Begin Date: 05/29/06<br>
Client New Period End Date: 06/04/06<br>
Client New Check Date: 06/09/06<br>
Client New Delivery Date: 06/09/06<br>
[u]Reason for false start:</u><br>
1st False start: Client requested to change pay period from Wed 5/24- Tues 5/30 to new dates of Mon 5/29 to Sun 6/4. Also per Matt he was not aware that client's previous payroll company required a written 30 day notice prior to canceling their account.<br>
Change date: Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 16:23:12 (EDT)

With the names and numbers obviously being different in each entry. The entries are in list form like this, with hundreds of entries. How could I potentially convert this into a flat file ready for insertion into a database?

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