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Default return a table/rowset with pl/sql procedure


I have recently started working with Oracle having been using SQL Server for the last few years and I having problems implementing a simple procedure in PL/SQL to return a table of results. I would like to create a set of procedures to be used by a web application to return subsets of tables based on an input parameter.

In an example:

If I have a table [tbl_user_roles] linking user IDs and roles (and a given user can have several roles):

user_id | role
1 | Developer
1 | User
2 | System Admin

I want my procedure to take a username and return a list of roles. In effect returning the result of:


In this example I require only one column of data to be returned however I also require some procedures to return tables with multiple columns.

This should be straight forward however I am struggling to find any examples to help!
What is the easiest way of achieving this?

Many thanks!