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Default WebParts not working at all...

I’ve been reading the first few chapters of your book, and was sitting down at my pc to try the example from Chapter 2 (page 31). Very simple example, but when running it (view in browser of F5) I get the following message from IE : Internet Explorer cannot display the webbpage

There’s no ASP.NET error, it compiles just fine...
I’ve tried this using VS2005 with a Website project as well as the new ASP.NET Web Application project but the results are the same.

I’ve done everything exactly as it’s written in the book, after removing the WebPartManager and the WebPartZone the page DOES show !

I’ve also looked at the errata for the book but have found none. I couldn’t find anything about this in the forum either.

I’ve tried this on my development machine as well as on my laptop, same result.

Did I forget something ?