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Default Migrating from access 97 to access 2000

Hi there,
this is the first time for m on this forum!
I have been trying to convert this database in access 97 to access 2000 (that is my front-end) and I have read on the library issues with DAO and ADO. So i ve decided to use ADO. Can anyone please tell me what are the steps i need to take to convert to access 2000 using ADO?
maybe i can tell you what i have done so far:
i ve created a new mdb file and imported all the object and tables from the previous version. i ve referenced to DAO 3.6 library, since it wont work with ADO at the moment. And my modules all compile but i have problem with a few of the forms. for example, run-time error 5: invalid call to procedure
and thats occurs due to
Set CmdBar = CommandBars("correspondence log")


Sam Gharnagh
Jr. Programmer Analyst
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Sam Gharnagh
Jr. Programmer Analyst at MOH
Comp Sci at UofW