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Default Export from Access to Excel in ASP generated page


I am a newbie to this forum but not such a newbie to Classic ASP.

I have a problem for which I have googled the net but have not found a satisfactory solution.

My website consists of a Back-end MS Access Database. The front end consists of ASP generated HTML and Javascript based code.

I am required to allow downloads of selected data from tables into an excel spreadsheet. What I am planning is to have a template-like (but NOT AN actual Excel Template) spreadsheet which will consist of standard worksheets in the workbook. One worksheet will be "Summary". Another will be "Charts" and so on. One worksheet will be "Raw Data".

Into the Raw Data worksheet should go my downloaded data. And since the downloaded data will be created by means of pre-formatted Query on Access Table or Tables, the column-wise content in that worksheet will be standard and pre-determined.

One other issue to keep in mind is that I would like that pre-existing "Names" (created by Insert-Name-Define in Excel) in my pre-formatted Excel Template-like workbook should not be clobbered or overwritten. (I do have a workaround for this by running a standard VBA in the Excel workbook to pre-define the names but it would be an overhead which I would like to avoid if I can.)

Thank you in advance.


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