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Default Dynamically load new forms into Frames

I have a frameset of <frame src = "Submit.asp" name = "submit">
<frame src ="file1.asp" name = "file1.asp">

when I click on the submit button on top frame (submit.asp), the lower frame will submit and load the next form "file2.asp". When the user finishes completing that form, he/she will click on submit on top frame to submit file2.asp. This loads file3.asp. when the user completes that form and submits, the next form loads and so on.

Is this possible? I have a vague idea on how to approach it. Have <%variable%> in top frame with the next form name passed to the top frame when the form in lower frame submits. Other than that, I have no idea how to do this.

thank you very much.:D

Michael Shehan
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