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Default DTS Package, XML task. Read XML file and store it

I am creating a package using SQL Server 2005 Integration Services.
I have .XML file where is stored Path of MS Access file.
I want "XML task" to read this .XML file and store Path value in the
package level User::AccessPath variable. My construction does not work.
If anybody knows why, please, help!

XML Task Editor: properties that I have set up :

   OperationType: XPATH
   SourceType: File connection
   Source: ConnectionProfile.xml
   SaveOperationResult: True
       Destination: User::AccessSource
       DestinationType: Variable
       OverwriteDestination: True
Second Operand:
   SecondOperandType: Direct input
   SecondOperand: /dsPDM/tblSourceConnection/Path
XPATH Options:
   PutResultInOneNode: False
   XPATHOperation: Values

******************* ConnectionProfile.xml **************************
<dsPDM xmlns="">

Thank you,