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Default SQL Express & Ch 20

I am unclear at present as to whether this is me or SQL Express, but I have noted the following aspects:

a)Page 998 -Try It Out
If you make a change and then click the cancel button, the change is entered into the database. I expected the original data to be present and unaltered on returning to the 'Edit Order' dialog (e.g. Fig 20-6; page 988.) I wonder whether this is caused by using dynaset?

b)Page 1026 -Try It Out
Whatever I do, selecting 'Select Products' causes an exception (e.g. in Fig 20-19 and Fig 20-20.) I have checked through the code; compared files with those ready-written and am unable, at present, to locate the cause. (The diagnostics are as cryptic as usual. 'An unsupported operation was attempted' being one of them.)

Again, it may be me or may be the use of SQL Express.

Does anyone else have this working?