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Default I need suggestion about user accounts

I am working for a few years as php/mysql programmer, and becouse of my new work I need to use .NET.

So I am learning C# and learning to use Visual studio.

Right now i am in doubt what should I use (should I create my custom Membership Provider, or create tables (useres,roles) with my required fields and create functions which will check is password provided during the login correct and similar)

Reasons why i am not using login controls is this (I don't know is my reason reasonable becouse I am new to all this stuff)

1. Now we are working on SQL Express database, but at the end of the project, we will use Oracle DB.

2. Tables which I get when I run file(I don't know the name of file, but it is in DOT Net Framework folder and it creates tables in databese for using SQLExpress membership provider, it's some exe file) and it creates a lot of tables which I don't want to use, i need only Users, Roles tables.

3. I must save more informations then I can right now (the columns that i need (like: Newsletter, SpecialOffers etc ) don't exists in tables)

So please give me some suggestions what should i do.

Best regards,