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Default SiteMap Navigation question

Hey all,

I have a doosie that may have been answered throug hthe forums already but I searched and didn't find it so here is the question. I have a sitemap but I only want 1 layer displayed, how would I do that. To explain clearly, I have the default node that you must have that encapsulates subnodes for the site map so it is like:

<main node>
     <sub node1 />
     <sub node2 />
</main node>

Suppose I want to only display what is encapsulated in main node without having to display may node or have the user drill down through main node so the menu will read on default subnode1, subnode2? To expand further. What if I want to made different sites under subnode1 or 2 and only want to use those nodes as name spaces so i can keep track of my sites so if I want a menu on 1 page to only display what is under sub node 1 without displaying sub node 1 or only want to display what is under subnode 2 without display the main node name subnode 2? I hope that came out clear.