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Default Photo Album - interesting error

I have an error that I'm a little baffled on, and I'm not sure if it is related to my earlier post, or not, so I am treating it as a separate issue until I figure out where in the file this line is present, so I can change it.

Before I show the code, let me give some history.

I setup a new virtual dir in IIS named "photoalbum", and put the actual files (and updates) from the photoalbum app in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\photoalbum.

However, when I try to load the app outside of VWDE2005, I get the following error, which still mentions d:\websites\photoalbum, which is a directory that I have since deleted and changed from, or so I thought:

Here's the code:

Server Error in '/photoalbum' Application.
Configuration Error
Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately.

Parser Error Message: An error occurred loading a configuration file: Failed to start monitoring changes to 'd:\websites\intranet' because access is denied.

Source Error:

[No relevant source lines]

Source File: d:\websites\intranet\web.config Line: 0

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.42; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.42

I am not sure where this line is (meaning, what file this is at), but I am guessing my other post regarding the error when trying to upload pictures) may have something to do with this. However, I've changed this configuration and started over, or so I thought, and now I can't locate the file that is looking in this particular directory, so as to change it to the correct directory, so as to hopefully have the app actually work this time.