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Default making records optional in an XSD

I am building a schema that has the following format:

unique Row 1
Optional (repeating) Row 2
Optional (repeating) Row 3
Optional (repeating) Row 4
Optional (repeating) Row 5
Optional (repeating) Row 6

I need to setup my XSD so that if Rows 2, 3 and 5 have values and 4 doesn't, the XML file will only show the following:


I have set the minOccurs to 0 for Row 4 but when the the schema runs and the XML file gets rendered with no value for row 4 it looks like the following:


Row 4 should be out of the of the XML and row 5 and 6 should have the correct values.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this issue?

I can post the XSD if necessary. Thanks.