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Default Importing spreadsheet data with more control

I was wondering if there was a way to import a single line of an excel spreadsheet and then refer to the individual columns, in order to overwrite certain values of an existing record, but not all. I imagine I will need to get the spreadsheet row first into a temporary variable before I write some of its values to the database. If there is another way to do the following please let me know.

Here's the situation
Access table with existing data:
fields: PartNumber, Manufacturer, ConfigDate
PartNumber is unique, but is not the primary key.

Excel Spreadsheet:
columns(fields): PartNumber, Location, ConfigDate

I want to import the spreadsheet one line at a time and overwrite "ConfigDate" for the record in the database with the PartNumber corresponding to the one in the spreadsheet.

I'm pretty new to Access so excuse any of my incorrect terminology. Any help would be great, thanks.