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Default Clearing the Dregs from a Dropdown menu

Hi All

I have 2 dropdown menus that are databound. The second dropdown list is bound to the first dropdown menu's selectedvalue.

I have created the databinding within the code behind for various reasons and for some reason when selecting a different value from within my first menu, the second menu updates accordingly but still stores the previous items too rather than refreshing and just storing the new selected data.

When I set up the databinding using SQLDatasource controls the second list updates without storing the dregs.

Please could anyone let me know what I could be missing...
Protected Sub Menu1_SelectedIndexChanged
     (ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

        'database connection class/ function
        Dim Menu2Populate As New dbclass()
        Menu2Populate.Sproc = "strored procedure"
        Menu2Populate.CustomerID = Menu1.SelectedValue
        Menu2.DataSource = Menu2Populate.RetrieveMenu2data

    End Sub
Many thanks

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