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Default Carriage Return and Enter keys

When using the registration form (for example) on the BeerHouse site, try clicking in a field (e.g. username) and pressing the carriage return.

As expected the red star appears warning you of expected fields. However, if you fill in the form correctly, then press the carriage return instead of clicking the button, instead of the expected form submittion, the cursor moves to the log control at the top right of the page.

It seems that when pressing the carriage return instead of clicking the button, the cursor moves to the first asp control on the page.

Is there a way of stopping this?

I have major problem because I want to put that login control on a seperate page. Unfortunately this mean when a user fills out a form and clicks carriage return, they end up at the login page (the login view/login button is the first control on the page) without actually registering!!