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Default Propogating changes in child window to parent


Need some help about propogating changes from child window to parent window... the simplified scenario is as follows:

I have an ASP.NET page (the parent --> A.aspx) in one IE Window: "A", with a button control and a textbox control.

When I click on the button in "A", it will open a new ASP.NET page (the child --> B.aspx) in a new IE Window: "B", with a drop down list box and a button.

The user will choose the desired option in "B" and then click on the button in "B".

Upon clicking on the button, window "B" will close and the option selected in the drop down list box will be written into the textbox in "A".

How do I do it using ASP.NET? Can I just do it purely with ASP.NET or do I have to do write client side scripts to handle this?

Thanks in advance!