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Default Update Query Not Working

I am using this code to update a table with info from a different query, well that is my intent, but when I execute the query it pops up asking for a value for [QueryDefs]![Progress_Fit]![Long Seam]. I have tried not using a query result; I have tried to pull info from a form: [Forms]![Progress_Fit subform]![Long Seam] with the sam result. If i put in = 12 it works. It is frustrating. Here is the SQL:

UPDATE [Progress - Weld/Fit/Visual] SET [Progress - Weld/Fit/Visual].
            [Long Seam] = [QueryDefs]![Progress_Fit]![Long Seam]
WHERE ((([Progress - Weld/Fit/Visual].Type)="Fit"))

Any thoughts would be appreciated.