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Default Payroll in Access (Revised Posting)

Revised posting
I have started developing a simple payroll system using access. for the tax bands I have put them directly in the the code and it is calculating well. Now I need help in the following

In order to handle my calculations easily, I created two tables:
(A relationship has been created using the primary key EmployeeID)
1. tblemployeedetails; with the following fields
EmployeeID(primary Key),Name,Gender,Department,Address,
National_Registration_number,StartofContractDate(e ach contract runs for one year starting 1st April of each year)
,leavedays_per_month,Cummulative_leaveDasyTodate(c alculated for the date of start of contract),DateOfBirth,Age (calculated from the date of birth)

2.tblincomeandDeductions; with the following fields;
ID(which is just a serial counter with datatype Autonumber)
employeeid,Date(Of running the payroll,
Incomes-Dollar pay(Salaries are pegged in dollars),Basic pay(in local currency calculated),Rate(Exchange rate of the dollar for the particular month),Allowance1,
Deductions-Tax (with tax bands calculated on the local currency as follows 260,000 tax = 0, Next 720,000 tax = 30%,the rest taxed at 35%),Pension tax (calculated at 5% of the Gross pay),Personal Levy tax (calculated at 1% of the GrossPay),Advance deduction,Total Deductions,
Both incomes and deductions are in the same table. All the tax calculations are incorporated in the VBA code on form

1.Is there another way of incorporating the tax band % calculations other than puting them straight in the code
2.Help me with code combination that continues to calculate the cummulative tax year todate
2. How do I close a particular month and automatically create new records for another month and carry over the cummulative figures. Because as it is it means that I have to create new records `for each employee every month manually

when the tax bands are changed, it means that I have to go into the code and change the percentages

I need help

Bright Mulenga

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