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Default Javascipt and validators

Ok, here's what I am trying to do. I am using the file upload to have users submit images. Sometimes,the images are very large. So, when the user submits the image, I hide the button and show a please wait message. This works great, the problem is when the form is not vailid (I use asp validators) the button is hidden. What I would like is for the button to hide only when the form is valid. Does that make any sense?

Snippet of HTML
                <div id='nextBtn'><asp:Button ID="nextStep" runat="server" OnClick="nextStep_Click" Text="Next Match" OnClientClick="document.getElementById('nextBtn'). style.visibility='hidden';document.getElementById( 'msgwait').style.visibility='visible';" />&nbsp;</div><br />
                <div id='msgwait' ><asp:Label ID="wait" runat="server" Text="Please wait while your image uploads" Visible="True"
                    Width="260px" Font-Names="Arial"></asp:Label></div></td>