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Default Page 424 & 425

I'm using Spring 2.0 to do the simple example on page 424. First, I may have found an errata but I can't get it working either way, so I won't file that until I've got a working test:

<property name="prefix"><value>/WEB-INF/jsp</value></property>
actually read:
<property name="prefix"><value>/WEB-INF/jsp/</value></property>

With or without that correction, I am getting an error message ():
/SpringWebTest/WEB-INF/jspwelcome.jsp was not found on this server.
/SpringWebTest/WEB-INF/jsp/welcome.jsp was not found on this server.

I am looking at that file called welcome.jsp inside my WEB-INF/jsp/ folder right now. So, what exactly is this error message telling me.

Also, I'm using Resin, and there is no console output when I press the "refresh" button on the browser.

David Ron
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