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Default So that Menu shows only subnodes of a node itself

I am using web.sitemap for menu control in Master Page.
The sitemap file with menu control works fine.
But I want a directory or a group of Content pages(For which they belongs to) to show only a Particular node' subnodes
I also maintain the Roles for A, B, C, D

for example
Sitemap file is
    Node A-a1,a2,a3 (User A Authorized for this Node)
    Node B-b1,b2,b3,b4 (User B Authorized for this Node)
    Node C-c1,c2 (User C Authorized for this Node)
    Node D-d1,d2,d3 (User D Authorized for this Node)
Generally Menu shows- A B C D
But I want when User 'B' click on B menu item, Menu would show b1,b2,b3,b4
in place of A B C D.
Pls tell me soon if anybody knows the Solution.