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Default using app.path in database path and filename

I'm creating an application on my E drive. This application uses an access database. In the property list for the data control when I browse for the database location is assigns it as e:/shopkeeper/shopkeeper.mdb. This isn't a problem while debuging and developing. But when creating the setup package using the package wizard is where the problem comes in.

Installing this on another computer goes great. But when starting the application, it crashes and says it cannot find e:\shopkeeper\shopkeeper.mdb. How the heck can I fix this problem. I tried manually entering the database into the properties window like app.path & "\shopkeeper.mdb" and then it doens't work from the IDE.

Need some assistance on this one. couldn't find anything on mdsn or the internet for this.

I have one other problem, which might be easier to solve, so I'll save it for later.

Thanks guys - in advanced.


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